May 19, 2020

Pivot Project, Connecting COVID-19 Related Problems with Problem-Solvers and Real-Time Solutions

Eight weeks ago (we know that feels like eight years ago) as events around the world were canceling, everyone was adjusting to work-from-home and remote-learning life, and the world went into quarantine lockdown, we began to consider ideas around how to help individuals and business navigate the unknown and this period of uncertainty.

A few nights of texts and brainstorming calls later, an idea was born; What if we could use content and social media to crowdsource COVID-19 problems and connect them with problem-solvers and solutions?


Fast forward to today. Thanks to a group of amazing people for their advice, do-something attitude, and hard work, we are excited to launch Pivot Project - a platform to help a global community of individuals and businesses navigate this crisis and pivot to the new reality.

The world is making a shift to solve for this global pandemic, but the impact of these changes and the challenges created because of it are only slowly coming to light. We are collecting real-world problems, from real people and businesses, and asking the world to help solve what the governments cannot. We believe strongly in the 55/5 rule for problem-solving, we spend 55 minutes finding the problem and 5 minutes solving for. Let’s connect problems with problem-solvers and watch how quickly companies can transform, employees can grow, and businesses can innovate. 

When creating the concept for Pivot Project, we realized there are already many organizations looking to help and initiatives being launched to address this time. We asked ourselves, “how can we help in a way that provides value and doesn't dilute or duplicate efforts?" That's when we realized that a common hurdle for many of these existing initiatives is reach and access. The solution? We created a centralized location for state and federal resources, vetted non-profit organizations, and built a team of volunteer media partners, brands, influencers, and writers to help bridge the gap. 

All of us, at some time or another, need help.

Now is the time that the very best of humanity comes forward. we are all in these unprecedented times together.. We want to give people hope by creating a community that helps solve problems by finding the solutions together and then having the resources to help each other thrive in the new reality.

To gain more insights into how the Pivot Project community is solving problems and supporting those in need, read our Success Stories.   

Here are the ways Pivot Project can help you and how you can get involved in the community: 

Request Help: Whatever your need is, share your story with us and we will work together to help you find a solution

Offer Help: Please join us in any way you can, individuals, companies, and government, we welcome you all!

Volunteer: Pivot Project will need a variety of volunteers to help with operations, editorial, communications, social media, and more. 

Resources: Our team is compiling a list of government and private assistance programs and information to help individuals and businesses throughout this crisis.

Community: We are all in this together and we are a safe space to share your stories, ask questions, and crowdsource problems together.

Become a Partner: We are looking for a variety of partner types. If you have a platform, a service, or a product that you are looking to utilize to help others or businesses during this time, we want to hear from you.

We are just getting started and we have more planned to help you adapt to the new reality and beyond. We truly believe in crowdsourcing and together we can help many people. Science will solve COVID-19, together we can rebuild!

Heres How You Can Help

1. Do you have a similar problem that needs solving?
Request help here

2. Do you have an idea or personally want to offer help
Offer help here

3. You can share this content!